Small Pond Studios

Georgetown, MA

(800) 934-3951

At Small Pond Studios we use only highest quality vocal microphones, instruments and amps. We mix and master with the most current software and hardware. We work in a collaborative environment with our clients to produce only high quality recordings.
There are bigger studios. With receptionists and pool tables and air conditioning turned up so high, sterile and clinical as an operating room Perfect for sdelivering a baby. But your music?  Welcome to Small Pond . Built by hand with heart and sweat equity. By musicians for musicians. 
Bring your songs to life at Small Pond Studios. We love making music and love helping you make yours!
Our Services include: Recording, Mixing, Mastering and:
Free use of our live room the day before your recording session for a dress rehearsal.  
Bulk discounting over 5 songs with our project pricing, which saves you money.
Your first mix is free and will be discounted from your project pricing.We offer editing and pitch correction where needed and re-amping at no extra cost .
Studio musicians available for hire.  Pro P.A. for live applications for hire.
On-Line mixing and mastering service to tweak your home studio tracks.
All major credit cards accepted. Go To our Make a Payment Page 
Pro Tools 2019
 Slate, Waves, Sonar, Fab Filter, Celemony, TH-U and many Mic and Cabinet Emulation Software 
We always have the best.
Yamaha DM2000
Neve 8816
Neve 8804
BAE, Midas,Black Lion Audio, API Pre Amps.
Neumann, Sennheiser
Joly Engineering
Shure, Peluso, Audix,
Slate Virtual, Cascade, and more
Shure Wireless Headphone System
Focal Spirit Pro Headphones
Focal Twin 6-B Monitors
Yamaha NS10mM
Ludwig Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Martin, Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Marshall, Fender Twin Reverb, Vox, Ampeg, Baldwin

Jazz Abbott, Owner, Engineer, Musician

Jim "Doc" Slattery Business Manager
Joe Webb, Engineer
25 Spofford St, Georgetown, MA
(800) 934-3951