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Small Pond Studios

Georgetown, MA
(800) 934-3951
There are bigger studios. With receptionists and pool tables and air conditioning turned up so high, sterile and clinical as an operating room Perfect for delivering a baby. But your music?  Welcome to Small Pond . Built by hand with heart and sweat equity. By musicians for musicians. 
In Loving Memory of Joe Webb

We are greatly saddened to have lost Joey from our family on September 27th, 2022 to cancer. He will always be in our hearts and we will miss him dearly at Small Pond Studios.   


A hand above the water, an angel reaching for the sky

Is it raining in heaven, do you want us to cry?

And everywhere the broken hearted, on every lonely avenue

No one could reach them, No one but you, One by one

Only the good die young

They're only flying too close to the sun

and life goes on -without you

Another tricky situation, I get to drown out the blues

And I find myself thinking

Well-what would you do?

Yes, it was such an operation, forever paying every due.

Hell you made a sensation

you found a way through-and one by one 

Only the good die young.......Queen


"We had the time of our lives in the studio with Jazz and Joe and were blown away by the sound we got in a short afternoon of recording. We all got on Jazz' gear which was a big upgrade from what we are normally playing and then let Jazz and Joe work their magic! We will definitely be back when we have a few more songs and will recommend Small Pond Studios from here on out!" (Hot Pat from Hot Cats)

" Simply the best small studio around that produces professional sound."    Johnny Fenno

"Great folks, very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere and great sounds!  I just cant say enough.  Joe Mazzari  61 Ghosts

"Small Pond Studios makes you feel like a big fish!  Jazz ignited a hidden spark with his guidance"   Ralph Selbach, Ontario, Canada

About Us

Jazz Abbott owner and chief engineer at Small Pond Studios has been in the music business for forty years.  Jazz has real time experience playing bass, guitar and vocals in many bands and as a solo artist. Very early in his career he became keenly interested in the recording process and has been a recording engineer for much of that time. 

Small Pond Studios was established in 2015.

Our team consists of audio engineers Jazz and Joe Webb and Jim Slattery as the business manager.

Our business philosophy is to provide musicians with high quality recordings for Bands and Solo artists.

We strive to produce a recording that our clients will be proud of.

Your music means as much to us as it does to you.

3 Blocks East performing a cover of "Down By The River" (Young) during a live transmission from Small Pond Studios

Partial Portfolio

Voice Overs
Audio Book Services-ACX
Podcast Recording and Production

25 Spofford St, Georgetown, MA 01833

(800) 934-3951

We Accept Paypal and All Major Credit Cards

Small Pond Studios is a Registered Trademark and Cannot be Used By Any Unauthorized Persons.

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