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Greetings Friends!
The Governors last order for Covid-19 has messed with our schedule and our ability to hire bands.  We sure hope to be back to normal shortly!
If you know of a band itching to get back to their fans tell them "Small Pond can live stream your band or act from our studio with high quality audio and video."
The Video Library is being updated frequently.  The newest videos are of 61 Ghosts live streamed to the Harvest Time Blues Festival in Monaghan, Ireland.  The concerts needed to be live streamed around the world due to Covid-19 restrictions this year, but it was a very successful endeavor.  Small Pond Studios is very proud to have taken part in this production.
What's Up at Small Pond Studios
Beside recording, mixing and mastering our usual band projects we have been recording and producing podcasts for Brew Roots, a New England based podcast that features a behind-the-scenes look into your favorite craft beverages across the country.  If you are a beer enthusiast, tune in to their podcasts.  Great people!  Check them out at 
Ryan Blaney has joined us in his endeavor to obtain his Masters in Sound Design at Boston University.  He will intern with us at Small Pond for the next two semesters. He's wicked smaht and we're thrilled to help him out. 
Ryan is the audio engineer for the Brew Roots Podcast.
What's does a Sound Designer do, you ask.  Well, 
  "A sound designer is a theater or media professional who specializes in creating a final soundtrack to accompany a performance or film. Depending on the size and type of production, a sound designer may have many different jobs on a day-to-day basis, including communicating with the creative team, recording or finding sound effects, creating a soundtrack, or looking for new projects. In film, sound designers tend to work during post-production, whereas live theater designers may work throughout the pre-production period and during the production schedule.", according to
Ryan and Jazz just finished a Sound Design project for a short film by Florida State University.  It was a great project!
We would appreciate any referrals for any audio project.  Any referrals will get you a Small Pond Studios tee!