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The Fools Agenda    
August 8. 2020.  8pm to 9pm

Salem-born rock & revelry. A vintage inspired fusion of rock and blues, with a healthy dose of fantasy.


From the Underground (EP Review)

 prog_loop Album Review  November 22, 2019 6 Minutes

“The 5-piece rock band The Fool’s Agenda released their debut EP “From the Underground” on October 31, 2019. From Salem, Massachusetts, the band was formed in June 2019, and it seems that they swiftly navigated their way around songwriting and completed an EP in just 5 months, with the debut single “When the Sun Shines” being released on September 13, 2019. The band, which define themselves as “a vintage inspired fusion of rock and blues, with a healthy dose of fantasy”, consist of college students whose ages differ between 21-23. The theme of their debut EP is moving on from the past mistakes or victories and realizing the effects of past experiences on oneself. They handle this heavy subject in 4 songs and a total of 14 minutes. I must say that the short length disappointed us as we were left wanting more of the classic rock-influenced instrumentals and especially Rhiannon Callahan’s beautiful voice. That said, “From the Underground” is a good teaser for what is to come from the band’s future releases.” 

Rhiannon Callahan – lead vocals, Conor Reinold – lead guitar,  Maddie Roth – rhythm guitar, keys and vocals,  Jon Gray – bass and vocals,  Kamryn Bode – percussion

Recorded at Small Pond Studios, mixed and produced by Ryan Blaney.

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Sept 5, 2020  8pm to 9pm
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