"What's better after a long day, ending up at Small Pond Studios in Georgetown?  Not much that I can think of.
Great folks that work there, very comfortable, welcoming atmosphere, and oh yeah, great sounds. Bring in your songs and watch Jazz make them better than you thought they could sound.  Absolutely a great way to end the day. Or start the day now that I think about it. Thanks to Small Pond for everything." Joe M. Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter for 61 Ghosts, Album "Mercy"
I could not recommend Small Pond Studio any more highly!  Extremely comfortable, great gear and great knowledge, the three amigos Jazz, Jimmy and Joe are such a pleasure to work with. As a musician, it;s such a treat to work in a studio where you don't have to fight with producer or engineer to get your idea across. In this case, you have people that work there where you value their opinion and not have it shoved down your throat..."
"I am so proud of what has been done to this song - I knew at the first draftafter arriving at the studio there was something special and I was meant to go there.  Thanks for not only being involved - but using your artistry to enhance my vision(s) of my song from my mind's eye, to these tracks."   Jim "Plaid Daddy" D.- Singer/songwriter.  
"The best studio!  Love ya Jazz, Jimmy and Joe."   Sean G  Drummer for 3 Blocks East, Album, "Pro Anima"
Stopped by with some tracks I recorded at home to see my long-time friend Jim and I was blown away by the gear, skill and talents of Jazz Abbott and Jim Slattery at Small Pond Studios in Georgetown, MA. I am looking forward to swimming in the water again sometime soon."           Jim Parisella, Guitaris, Singer and Songwriter for "Chin Friction"
Jazz, you have ignited a hidden spark with you guidance and encouragement.  Oh, yeah, everyone else involved had input, but my mentor, you were the catalyst... The more we let out how unparalelled you expertise is, the more we shoot ourselves in the proverbial foot! Small Pond Studios makes you feel like a big fish!  While recording there I felt as huge as that fucker Jaws. In a good way. Watch out, Small Pond Studios is about to get bigger.  You know you will have your musical babies delivered safe at Small Pond."   Ralph Selbach, Singer, Songwriter, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
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